Rail Replacement Begins at LaGrange

Hello, everyone!  Things have moved very quickly in the previous two months since Mel Blake’s original visit to the LaGrange College Site.  To use a garden analogy, it looks like our planting, weeding and pruning is showing signs of fruit.  L. C. Lenz purchased building materials with the money we’d raised, and purchased building materials per Mike Worthy’s specification, then hauled the material to LaGrange last week.

This previous Sunday, May 28th, Mel, Mike and I put the material to use.  After a brief planning review, we determined the spots where new post holes would be dug.   While they were being excavated, Mike rolled the roof back far enough to first examine and plan the demolition on the current rails.  We were aghast to learn how much decay had befallen the rails!  The top plates were mushy to the touch, and the supporting landscape timbers came out of the ground quite easily.

We staggered our work between demo and digging.  Soon after the east rail was completely removed, we began mixing concrete for the new posts.  Furthest away from the building’s north side are two 4″ x 6″ pressure treated posts, which will provide support when the roof is fully rolled away.  Six feet closer to the building are two 4×4 center posts. The last two posts will be attached to the building when we return for our June 10th workday.

We will plant and attach the last posts on June 10th, then we’ll attach the rails to the posts.  Mike and L. C. have been coordinating materials on this project, which leaves our membership to decide which tools to bring.  This will be the subject of a group email next week.

So far, this project is ahead of schedule and under budget.  If you cannot participate with us at our next work day on June 10th, please make plans to attend our annual Astronomy Club picnic on the evening of July 15th. This way, you can observe first-hand a timeline of indelible impressions made by the stars, and the fellowship that fosters such wonderment in our community.

Clear skies!

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