Amateur Astronomy for the Tennessee Valley

Welcome!  Our next public astronomy event will be in downtown Florence for First Friday on October 7th, where we’ll set up at the corner of Tennessee and Seminary.  The following day, October 8th, we’ll be downtown again for Astronomy Day and International Observe the Moon Night!  We’ll attach filters to our scopes for safe solar viewing, and after moonrise we’ll observe craters, mountains and other features of our nearest celestial neighbor.

Our next club meeting will be October 27th at the UNA Planetarium at 7 p.m.  Mike Worthy will host us at his house in Savannah on Friday, October 28th, and we’ll email club members what they’ll need to know in advance of the date.  Also, please enjoy the brief travelogue I posted about the recent Tennessee Fall Star Gaze at Fall Creek Falls.

If you have questions, please contact us via email (shoalsastro –at —, or visit our Facebook page.  Clear skies!

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