The July 15th Picnic

What a pleasant night on LaGrange Mountain! Everyone’s food contribution was amazing, and we were so grateful to have so Photo by Scott Aldridgemany on hand to enjoy some night sky fellowship. It was welcoming just to roll the roof back on the observatory and idly chat about space lore, especially in familiar company of friends.

We also had a chance to hear Matthew Sherrill’s upcoming personal plans, now that he’s taking a step backwards from the Treasurer’s position and the Vice Presidency.  Given the recent club overtures to preserve history created by the former Muscle Shoals Astronomical Society, it was very interesting to hear about how stargazing re-emerged as a collective activity with the forming of the Shoals Astronomy Club back in 2004.  It is because of the vision of these people that we enjoy such a clear view today.  Matthew Sherrill is an indelible part of that history, and we’re very grateful for his stewardship of the club thus far.  Thank you!

During the evening we were treated to a brilliant rainbow fragment during the sunset. It iridesced and faded, then reappeared again. Even if the constituent properties of a rainbow mean the sky may be too obscured for observing, it still provided a moment of childlike wonder. And with it silently glowing overhead, we turned our attentions back to our companions once more, as we shared our celestial stories and waited for nightfall.

Photo by Mike Worthy

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