Seventeen months later…

Why hello there! After everything our entire planet has been through in the last year, it feels strange to dust off this web space. I intended to use this site to discuss our club and its membership, and our shared love for astronomy… but it’s hard to encourage people to do things together when we’re supposed to stay away from each other.

Anywho, it’s time to make some amends. I mean, there’s been a supernova, for cryin’ out loud, and we’ve shot a few billionaires into space in the same period where we impatiently waited for a vaccine — and then decided not to take it after all. We’re really a fickle species.

Anyway, we hope you’re doing okay. None of this was easy on anyone, and at the moment, it’s still a long way from being over. For that matter, now that we’re watching all the haze from the western forest fires, it seems like there’s always some unfortunate event which smudges our eyepieces.

I just hope you clean it off and keep looking.

Clear skies.

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